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The only member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) in Hungary who was `Active`, according to the 2013 Membership Directory, , Robin Bright wrote three short stories under the pseudonym, Robin Usher, translated and published in SF anthologies by Cherubion Press, in Hungary`s second city, Debrecen, between 1996 and 1997; `Sas` in Osirisz Országa, `Bevezetés A Vallhalábá` in Universzum Örokösei, and `Fegyerverforgatás Mestere` in Á Galaxisz Gászara. The stories were part of a series of adventures featuring a futuristic secret agent, MAP. Other tales appearing later in English featured the same character as a Hollywood, Babylon, style adventurer. The author painted detailed scenes on a large canvas with broader expansive brush strokes for the scene settings to his creation`s enthusiasm for life, which here can be found amongst others awaiting professional publication
Surprising Stories V. 33 20150924114357

`Deus Ex Machina, An Intervention By The Gods Classically`